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Arabic Language tools



Grammar tools:

About Arabic

  • All about the Arabic Language (by the American Association of Teachers of Arabic) is a brief and well presented introduction to Arabic.
  • The Arabic Language (by Terry De Young) focuses on language history and offers a short description of the language.
  • Language profiles (by UCLA language materiales project for less communly taught languages) gives a good introduction to different varieties of Arabic.

Learn Arabic

  • Apprendre lArabe (by is a basic language course for beginners, in French.
  • Arabic language (by Cecil Maria Cancel) is a compilation of useful Arabic phrases, expressions and words in transliteration as well as some links to other language ressources
  • Fun with Arabic (by Fun with introduces you to the Alphabet, some basic Arabic grammar, quizzes etc.
  • Learn Arabic (by Ajeeb) is an Arabic language course for beginners – for free. Try it!
  • Syrian Arabic (by Mary-Jane Liddicoat, Richard Lennane and Dr Iman Abdul Rahim) is a language course for beginners. You can download the book and the soundfiles free of charge.


  • Romanization, Transcription and Transliteration (by Kenneth R. Beesley) offers a good explanation of different ways to write Arabic with Latin letters.

The Arab World


  • Arabic Language Newspapers (by The lists more than 60 Arabic newspapers.
  • News and Media (by the University of Texas at Austin) contains many links to newspapers, radio and television in Arab countries- in Arabic as well as English.


  • The Arab World (by l'Institut du Monde Arabe) focuses on geography, history, economics, education etc. and contains many beautiful photos from the region.
  • Arabnet contains a lot of information about modern Arab societies (in Arabic and English) such as news, encyclopedias, country information, Arab cuisine etc. Sponsored by the Saudi newspaper al-Sharq al-AwsaT.
  • The Center for Middle East Studies , University of Texas at Austin is a very good gateway to www ressources on the Middle East Societies
  • The Holy Qur'an (by Harf Information Technology) presents the Quran in Arabic with English translations. You can also listen to the texts, search for themes and learn rules of recitation.
  • Maps of the Middle East is an important collection of maps by University of Texas at Austin

Other Sources

  • Arabic Madih (by The Association of Islamic Charitable Projects) is a big collection of songs.

Helle Lykke Nielsen, december 1999


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