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Tina Bollerslev (English)

Student Assistant

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Work Phone: (+ 45) 65 50 33 62

Home Phone: (+ 45) 63 12 06 02

Tina is from Skærbæk, Sønderjylland. She started studying English at Odense University in 1998 and joined the VISL project in February 1999. Tina is a mentor for foreign students at the university. She usually works as a waitress in her vacations, but loves to travel. In 1992/93 she spent a year as an exchange student in Michigan, USA, and in 1996 she backpacked in Australia, New Zealand and in parts of South-East Asia. Tina's dream comes true as she has been given the Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship to study a year at a university in New Zealand, beginning year 2001.

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