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Katrine Mortensen (Mayan)

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Student Assistant



Work Phone: (+ 45) 65 50 33 62


My name is Katrine Mortensen. I have been studying English since 1999 at the University of Southern Denmark and am currently on my fifth semester. In February 2001, I joined VISL where I'm working with John Dienhart on his Mayan Project. The work consists of transcribing Mayan data into a standard set of English Phonetic symbols available on the internet.
I have also worked as a student assistant in American Phonetics for two semesters from September 2000 onwards running weekly workshops for students of American Phonetics. In this semester (autumn 2001), I have been hired as instructor (i.e., student teaching assistant) of American Phonetics. I also take part in a weekly meeting in the Odense Linguistic Circle.
Apart from that, I enjoy travelling and in connection with that, I have lived in the US for a year working as an au pair.


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